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David Gómez Roldán
David Gómez Roldán
posted 1 month ago

Not exactly the best place ever but it will do till the next morning if you just want loud music and spirits. Not a place I would think of when I search for quality or people.

Gerardo Martinez
Gerardo Martinez
posted 5 months ago

An excellent place for going party on weekends.. the music is 99% Spanish reggaeton and you gotta be very well dressed.. no short pants or t-shirts.. also the club is the biggest one in the centre of Malaga.. it opens only thursday, Friday and Saturday.. and all ways gets crowded.. the place is dark and very safe.. I've never heard about fighting or problems in this place cause is a bit exclusive.. the prices are like sala gold or gallery or theatro.. And the brands are the same.. the place gets really busy and the waitress girls gets really stressed so please be nice with them.. also is a good place for meeting boys and girls.. the people that comes to this place ussualy is polite and open.

Andrew Semaan
Andrew Semaan
posted 8 months ago

They were nice enough to help a foreigner in. Kinda small but still a good time.

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